Jagadguruttam Literature

Jagadguruttam Literature

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Prema Rasa Siddhanta

Every living being desires and seeks happiness. But what is true happiness and how can it be attained? There have been many authorities on Hinduism who have written various books in an attempt to answer these questions. Writing from their own experience, these different books appear to contradict each other. Reading them, no one is able to arrive at any decisive conclusion. In fact, most people become even more confused than they were to begin with. One of the remarkabilities of Prema Rasa Siddhanta is that it reconciles all these seemingly contradictory philosophies with such clarity that the profoundest spiritual wisdom becomes accessible to everyone.

Even though knowledge of the divine science is limitless, in this little book Jagadguru Shri Kripalu Ji Maharaj has revealed the subtlest aspects of subjects such as The Aim of Human Life, The Nature of God, The Grace of God, The Soul, Material World and Detachment and The Paths to Attain God, etc. with such simplicity that even a newcomer to spiritual philosophy can understand them. His lucid exposition of the Impersonal, Personal God and the Secret of Descension is most unique, and he has laid special emphasis upon the science of karmayoga, because every individual soul has to pursue his goal of attaining divine bliss while performing all his worldly duties.

The subject matter is so comprehensive that all fundamental spiritual questions are answered and all doubts are dispelled. Besides quoting extensively from the Vedas and other scriptures, Shri Maharaj Ji uses practical everyday examples in order to benefit people from all walks of life. The resulting ease with which his directions are applicable to daily life is amazing.

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