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Beautiful Lecture given by Jagadguru Shree Kripalu Ji Maharaj on the occasion of Akshay Navami explaining the kirtan – ‘‘Man Karu Sumiran Radha Rani Ke Charan.’

Man Karu Sumiran Radhey Rani ke charan

मन करु सुमिरन, राधे रानी के चरन।

Man karu sumiran, Radhey Rani ke charan..

O, my mind! Remember the lotus feet of Radha Rani.

राधे रानी के चरन, नव पल्लव बरन ।

Radhey Rani ke charan, nav pallav baran.

The lotus feet of Radha are like the young fresh,

soft, pinkish leaves of a mango tree.

राधे रानी के चरन, राधे अरुन चरन

Radhey Rani ke charan, Radhey arun charan.

O my mind! Always remember the pink lotus feet of


राधे रानी के चरन, सोई मेरो प्राणधन।

Radhey Rani ke charan, soi mero prandhan.

The lotus feet of my Radhey are the greatest treasure

of my life.

राधे रानी के चरन, नग दुति बिछुवन। 

Radhey Rani ke charan, nag duti bichuvan.

The lotus feet of my Radhey are decorated with glittering

toe rings.

राधे रानी बिछुवन, बाजे छननन छननन छननन

Radhey Rani bichuvan, baje chananan chananan chananan.

The fancy toe rings of Radhey’s lotus feet make a soft

sweet tinkling sound.

राधे रानी के चरन, सोहें पैंजनियन।

Radhey Rani ke charan, sohen painja-niyan.

The tiny tinkling bells on Radha Rani’s anklets are

heart enticing,

राधे रानी के चरन, पोछे पिय पलकन

Radhey Rani ke charan, pochen Plya palkan.

Krishn wipes Radha’s lotus feet with His eyelashes.

राधे रानी के चरन, गति गज लजवन।

Radhey Rani ke charan, gati gaj lajvan.

The lotus feet of Radhey Rani have an intoxicating gait.

राधे रानी के चरन, मेरी लागी है लगन।

Radhey Rani ke charan, meri lagi hai lagan.

My mind is absorbed in the loving remembrance of my

Radhey’s lotus feet.

राधे रानी के चरन, हरि धोवें अंसुवन।

Radhey Rani ke charan, Hari dhoven ansuvan.

Krishn feels so much love for my Radhey’s feet that

He washes Her feet with the tears of His love.

राधे रानी के चरन, ब्रज बनितनि धन

Radhey Rani ke charan, Braj banitani dhan.

The feet of Radha Rani are the greatest treasures of the

Gopis of Braj.

राधे रानी के चरन, नहिं पावें ज्ञानी जन 

Radhey Rani ke charan, nahin paven gyani jan.

The Gyanis have no access to receive the Bliss of the

lotus feet of my Radhey Rani.

राधे रानी के चरन, सुबरन सों बरन ।

Radhey Rani ke charan, subaran son baran.

Radha Rani’s lotus feet are golden in color.

राधे रानी के चरन, अशरण को शरण।

Radhey Rani ke charan, asharan ko sharan.

My Radhey Rani’s lotus feet are the refuge of all the


राधे रानी के चरन, हरि करें चुम्बन

Radhey Rani ke charan, Hari karen chumban.

Beloved Krishn kisses and adores the lotus feet of Radha Rani.

राधे रानी के चरन, चहु गहु गोपी जन।

Radhey Rani ke charan, chahu gahu Gopi jan.

If you desire to receive the Bliss of Radha Rani’s lotus feet,

surrender to the Gopis of Braj.

राधे रानी के चरन, बसें मेरे नयनन ।

Radhey Rani ke charan, basen mere nayanan.

The loving beauty of the lotus feet of my Radha Rani

is stuck in my mind.

राधे रानी के चरन,  गुन गावो क्षणक्षण। 

Radhey Rani ke charan, gun gavo chan-chan.

Sing the glory of Radha Rani’s lotus feet every moment.

राधे रानी के चरन, मम स्वामिनी चरन ।

Radhey Rani ke charan, mam Swamini charan.

Glory to the lotus feet of my Radhey Who is the Queen heart.

राधे रानी के चरन, ध्यावें पावें प्रेम धन। 

Radhey Rani ke charan, dhyaven paven prem dhan.

Those who meditate upon the lotus feet of Radha Rani

receive the treasure of Divine love.

राधे रानी के चरन, सुखदानी के चरन

Radhey Rani ke charan, sukhdanl ke charan.

The lotus feet of my Radha Rani Who is the giver of

Divine happiness (are the delight of my soul).

राधे रानी के चरन, निर्धन को हैं धन।

Radhey Rani ke charan, nirdhan ko hain dhan.

The lotus feet of Radha Rani are the treasure of humble


राधे रानी के चरन, बारों द्वारिका सुखन।

Radhey Rani ke charan, varaun Dwarika sukhan.

The Bliss of Dwarika could be sacrificed to the Bliss of

the lotus feet of my Radha Rani.

राधे रानी के चरन, है ‘कृपालु’ के हगन ॥ 

Radhey Rani ke charan, hain Kripalu ke drigan.

Radhey Rani’s feet are the light, sight and life of my eyes.


A devotee is telling his mind. “Oh mind!  Meditate on  Radharani ‘s Charan.”  Why should the mind meditate on Radha Rani’s Lotus feet?  The reason given is because every action that we do is first thought of, and planned by our mind.  Whatever we want to do, we first think of doing it with our mind, basically planning –  like we need to go somewhere, get something, etc.  Be it a big or small task that we want to do, we first think of it with our mind and accordingly we act.  

Our senses cannot work on their own without the command of the mind.  Our senses act as helpers but without them too, the mind can actually work.  Just like a blind man can dream and see images when he is sleeping.  When we fall asleep, we too can see, hear, smell, taste, eat, run, cry, laugh, etc. in our dreams, just like we do in our waking state. Your physical senses are not being employed then as you are fast asleep in bed. Yet you go through all these experiences.

This means that the mind has its own senses, it does not need the physical senses and it still can work.  Further, our physical senses are also limited in nature.  In a dream, we can jump across the ocean, which is an impossible feat in our daily life.   So our mind is basically the reason for bondage and salvation.  All our scriptures from the Vedas to the Ramayan testify to this. Another example that you can relate to. – A wife cooks a meal for her husband, however, she forgets to add salt.  The husband sarcastically remarks, “ Where is your mind nowadays.”  We blame our mind if anything goes wrong.   

Vedas have accepted that God notes the ideas of our mind, whilst sitting inside our hearts.  God notes every idea of ours and records it down as a virtue or sin and then awards us the fruits accordingly.  Worldly people, however, judge us by our outward actions.  God gives us the fruits of the thoughts that run in our minds.  Arjun in the Mahabharata killed millions of people and God did not record even one murder in his records because his mind was fully attached to God.  All of us only have one mind. We don’t have two minds.  Arjun’s mind was fixed on God and hence the fruits of the murders committed by him in the war were not given to him.  He was asked to fight the war but he was not held responsible for these murders.   

Just like when there is a war between two nations, and the military of both sides fight. Should one side kill the other, the higher the rank of the officer that he killed, the higher the award that will be bestowed upon him.  Not a  death sentence.   Because he had no personal enmity with him.  His prime minister, king, or government gave the order to shoot and he simply followed the orders. Everyone witnessed him killing such and such a person, but no punishment was meted out; instead, he was rewarded for his bravery.  The action may be the same as anyone committing a murder in the world but the difference here is in the intention of the mind.  This intention was noted by God, not the action.  

God does not note our actions.  He only notes down the ideas of our mind.  You don’t even need to recite or chant the name of God, but just by thinking and meditating on Him, you can achieve God-realisation.  You may be chanting His name for eternity, but nothing will happen if your mind is attached to the world.  Accordingly, upon death,  you will only get the fruits of the world.  Wherever the attachment of the mind is, after death you will get that result. 

Paramhans Jad Bharat rescued a baby deer looked after it, and became attached to it.  On his deathbed, he thought of the baby deer and he came back as a deer in his next life.   Wherever one’s attachment is, your mind will automatically go there at the time of death.  For example, in the world, a dying person wants to see his son, daughter, etc. for one last time before dying peacefully.  

So in this kirtan, it is stated, “O mind karu sumiran.” (remember Radha Rani’s charan). Your ideas will be noted, so meditate on the lotus feet of Radha Rani.”  What is the work of the mind?  ‘Sumiran’ or meditation. Remembering, thinking, analysing, and making decisions is the work of the mind.  Mind is so powerful that it can lead us to hell or heaven or Vaikunth or Vrindavan Dham.  There is no enemy and friend like the mind.   

How does the mind act like an enemy?  If it decides there is happiness in this world, then there is no greater enemy than it.   Hundreds of Saints, God may come and give lectures to us, but if the mind has made a firm decision that happiness lies only in the world then we disregard them and think that we know it all. We get into the illusionary belief that there is happiness in the world and aim to make money and enjoy the pleasures of the world with our senses and forget the goal of our lives. This is consistent with the theory of the Charvaka philosophy.

The mind’s work is to think, meditate (sumiran) and make decisions before every action.  There are only two areas upon which it can meditate upon – either in the world believing that it has happiness or God, who truly is the source of happiness.  There is no other third area. You can either churn water for ghee or milk for ghee, butter.  ‘Sumiran’ is the mind’s work.   Kirtan acts as an aid, a helper, including the different forms of  bhakti – all these are helpers working through the senses.  However, if you do all this without the involvement of the mind, then God does not note anything.  God does not note actions done without the involvement of  the mind.  

Love is the only way and means to achieve God.  Love, love, and love alone!  Everyone knows how to love.  Even animals and birds know how to love.  Everyone loves themselves.  We love our soul.  Whatever we do in 24 hours, we do it for ourselves only, i.e. for our soul’s happiness.  Nobody has achieved true happiness in the world.  We will continuously make efforts until we get ‘anand’ or happiness in this life.   We are all part of God, (bliss) so that is why we are constantly seeking bliss and happiness since eternity.  It is our nature.  From an ant to Brahma – everyone is looking for happiness. We desire happiness and divine bliss.  

For the sake of happiness only, a foolish person loves the world and similarly, an intelligent person loves God. That’s how it is.   Mind’s work is ‘sumiran’ (remembrance) – that is why this devotee is saying to do  “sumiran” to Radha Rani’s charan.  Why only Her charan, why not her face or any other part of her body?  People usually look at the facial beauty of a person first, be it her eyes, nose, etc. We hardly ever look at their hands and feet as they are all the same for everyone. Loving someone is usually limited to the beauty of the face.

Radha Rani’s body is, however, ‘chinmay’ and ‘chidanand,’ every pore of her body is full of unlimited happiness, whether you meditate on her face or her feet.  The ‘ras’ or bliss you get from her ‘charan’ is equal to that of her face.  Unlike in the world, where the face of your loved one is so beautiful and attractive and feet are not attractive at all.  Every part of God’s body is equal and full of unlimited bliss. The whole body is drowned in bliss.   Just like In Diwali – you see sugary sweets formed into different shapes of a doll, horse, snake, etc.  Children love to choose “I want a horse, I want a lady” etc. When you eat the leg, and ear of the doll,  it all tastes the same sweetness.  It is full of sugar, similarly, the whole of God’s body is full of ‘anand,’ or Divine bliss.  

So the devotee here is telling his mind because the mind is the actual doer and God does not note the actions of the senses.  Mind’s job is to do ‘sumiran’ which is also called bhakti. ‘Sumiran’ or remembrance of Radha Rani’s charan because Her whole body is Divine, ‘chidanand’ and she is the Supreme power.  When you hold onto Her lotus feet, maya cannot stand and runs away.  Maya is also God’s (Radha Rani’s)  power. It is overpowering us. It cannot simply leave us with our own efforts.  Only with Radha Rani’s Grace will maya leave us.  Without the Grace of  Radha Krishna, maya cannot go.

Everything and everybody comes under Radha Krishna –  countless Brahmas, Vishnus and Shankars,  devi and devtas, human beings, rakshas, etc. all come under Her.  Everything is dependent on Her mercy. 

That is why this devotee is telling his mind to worship the lotus feet of Radha Rani.  That’s the meaning behind this kirtan, ‘Man karu sumiran, Radhey Rani ke charan.’

Jagadguru Kripalu Parishat wishes all our devotees a very “Happy Diwali.”

*A brief introduction of Jagadguru Shri Kripalu Ji Maharaj*

(Known by His devotees as Shri Maharaj Ji)

The original title of Jagadguruttam (‘Greatest Spiritual Teacher of the World’) was bestowed upon Shri Kripalu Ji Maharaj on January 14, 1957, by ‘Kashi Vidvat Parishad’ (a council of 500 greatest scholars saints of India). He composed divine texts like ‘Prem Ras Madira’, ‘Prem Ras Siddhant’, and ‘Radha Govind Geet’ to lead us on the right path of devotion. He also gave priceless monuments as gifts to the world which include  -  Bhakti Mandir located in Bhakti Dham, Mangarh,  Prem Mandir located in Vrindavan Dham, and Kirti Mandir located in Barsana Dham. Shri Maharajji also built hospitals for the impoverished, the Jagadguru Kripalu Chikitsalaya in Vrindavan, Jagadguru Kripalu Chikitsalaya in Barsana, and another one in Pratapgarh. All three help millions of underprivileged to gain free access to medical care. His Kindergarten, School, and College for impoverished girls Jagadguru Kripalu Parishat Education is located in Kunda and provides completely free education.